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CRD’s Hall of Shame

Hall of Shame Top 14 Corrupt CRD Actions
Extortion CRD sues for ‘low pay’ for Doe not receiving a single salary increment in the low thousands of dollars from Iyer. But Iyer bequeathed Doe millions of dollars in compensation to Doe (as Iyer gave away 100% of his own CEO equity to all his employees, including Doe).
Hiding Material Evidence
[Timeline: June 30th, 2020 (a)]
CRD alleges Iyer discriminated against Doe (a self-identifying Dalit). But the CRD hid information from the judge that Iyer offered all the Head leadership positions in the group (including the Head of Engineering position that Doe claims discrimination for and even his own CEO position) first to a different senior Dalit! Two of these positions were also awarded to the senior Dalit, before any complaints of caste discrimination.
Unethical Claims
[Timeline: Q3-Q4 2016 (b)]
CRD claims caste-based discrimination because Doe was not made the Head of Engineering. This despite, Doe having never applied for, or shown interest in, the position!
[Timeline: Jan 12th 2021 (b)]
CRD assigns a “Brahmin” caste to an irreligious manager based on his birth, not beliefs. Thus CRD perpetuates the caste-by-birth system, the very antithesis of what a Civil Rights Department should stand for!
Xenophobia CRD repeatedly quotes unscientific literature from Equality Labs and “anecdotal” data to make xenophobic remarks on Indian Americans, that “upper-caste Indians boast about their biological superiority”, and that “life is hell working under Indian managers” with no specifics or supportive evidence. CRD even politicizes the case, and blames Indian prime-minister Narendra Modi, for an alleged increase in casteism in the United States.
Racial Profiling CRD repeatedly quotes the Equality Labs survey, and claims that tens of thousands of Dalit Americans have been physically assaulted (or raped or spat upon) by upper-caste Hindus in America. CRD repeats this racist claim six times in court motions, with zero supporting police records!
Contempt for Judicial and Scientific Standards
[Timeline: Nov 2nd, 2020 (d) & Feb 11th, 2021]
CRD despite Judge Takaichi’s orders denying judicial notice and throwing out racial profiling, xenophobic remarks, and unscientific uncorroborated surveys, has not withdrawn or backed off these comments about Indian Americans.
1st Amendment Establishment Clause Violations CRD attempts to interpret, ascribe a caste hierarchy to Hinduism, and even speculate on the relative positions of caste allegedly within Hinduism in over seven separate instances in Federal, State, and Appellate Courts.
1st Amendment Freedom of Religion Violations CRD deliberately assigns a publicly irreligious CEO , Mr. Iyer, the Hindu religion! This despite the CRD being made aware multiple times over the course of five years, of public records of Mr. Iyer’s irreligion from decades ago. The CRD also speculates (by “information and belief”), and assigns Kompella a religion and caste, without interviewing him. The CRD further violates the rights of 40+ Cisco co-workers by assigning all of them (even East-Asian and white Americans) an upper-caste status.
Due Process Violations CRD interviewed defendant Kompella for just 15 mins before naming, shaming, and suing him for indefinite damages for alleged caste harassment. As per the Sanctions Motion, the CRD, despite eight years of Doe’s employment at Cisco, was unable to make any legal claim against Kompella (or Mr. Iyer). Nor did they have any factual basis to claim harassment.
Erasure of Dalit Identity
[Timeline: Jan 11th, 2023 (c)]
CRD never interviewed the other senior Dalit, who had the top Head position in the group (and who was also offered all the top THREE Head positions, and was the only person ever promoted on par with Mr. Iyer). This while claiming a hostile-to-Dalit environment, and a Brahmin-Dalit hierarchy in the group!
Frivolous and Racist Harassment Claims
CRD sues a brown Indian, Kompella, for caste-based harassment, for Kompella simply doing his job, and asking John Doe to file weekly status reports. This is despite Kompella acting on a direct order which came from Tom Edsall (Kompella’s white American boss).
Tampering with Dates CRD gets caught red-handed before the judge, for tampering, backdating, or hiding dates on at least six occasions!
Intentional Material Fabrications CRD gets caught red-handed fabricating several facts, including, “Doe was a lone Dalit”, “the group consisted of entirely Indians”, the group was “all upper-caste”, “Kompella received a raise with a new title”, “Doe had the lowest status”, there was a “Brahmin-Dalit hierarchy”, etc.